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how to get your ex back


If you have just experienced a break up, you know that it can be very painful, confusing and devasting not only to you, but many times to children and other family members.

Often we want to get our ex boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse back. We want to win back their hearts and salvage our relationships.

Many friends and family members will advise us against this, but they do not live our lives and can not possibly understand our relationship as well as we do.

Is it possible to win back an ex lovers heart?

Yes, it is possible and I will leave whether you should or not, up to you. You know your relationship better than anyone else.

Many couples do get back together...and many remarry again for a second time.

A very good sign that there is a possibility to get back together is if there are still ANY type of feelings between you and your ex.

Remember...the opposite of love is NOT hate. Do you understand what I am saying? There is a very fine line between love and hate...they are both very emotional states. We only "hate" someone we "used" to love because we still have a heart full of feelings for them.

The opposite of love is complete and utter indifference.

So what I am saying is, even if you feel or your ex professes to "hate" you...this may be one of the best signs that getting back together is a possibility for you.

The first step in getting back together

Your first step to get back together with an ex love is to REALLY understand why they left or lost interest in your relationship in the first place.

Now, there are usually many "surface reasons" and excuses. Some are valid and many are not. There is usually ONE CORE REASON why a women leaves a man...and ONE CORE REASON why a man leaves a woman.

Your first step is to understand that main underlying reason. If you do not understand EXACTLY why they left...What is the possibility you can have them back?

I have put together a very informative guide to help no charge called: Why Lovers Leave

You will learn...

The core reason why men leave women. It is not what they say and not what you think.
The core reason why women leave men. It is very different from why men leave.
Why men cheat.
Why women cheat. Again very different reasons.
What to do once you understand why they left. Do it wrong and you will seem clingy and desperate. Do it right and you will begin to win back their hearts.
How to know if you even have a chance.
And more...

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