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 Do you know the VERY worst thing you can do when trying to win back your ex girlfriend or ex wife?

This is the ultimate death nell.

It is an emotion or state you should never, ever any woman you want to bring into your life.

Not only will it help you win back your ex...but if you do NOT display this emotion you will be incredibly more attractive to women.

Women try to get men to wear their "hearts on their sleeve"...


This is one emotion you DO NOT ever want to show...and even better is NOT to feel it!

The Hungry Dog Never Gets Fed!

In a do not want to show your neediness.

If you tell her you are lonely, feeling depressed over the break up...or even that you really miss her...


Does this mean "play hard to get"? means you do not want to show or act needy.

Are you calling her 3 times a day?

You are acting needy...and you are killing your chances and winning her heart back.

So what should you do?

You want to ATTRACT her want to work on being as attractive as you can be...

We are not just talking physical attractiveness. We are talking about being self confident, somewhat aloof...and a man who is going to get on successfully with his matter what happens!

But most importantly...being and acting HAPPY! Knowing and showing that you have a future.

Ask yourself...what is more attractive?

A mopey, depressed schlep who can not stop bringing up how hurt he is over the past...


A fella...who seems like he is going to move going to change himself for the better, is happy with life and MAYBE desires her still...but is not NEEDY...

Does that make sense?

Do you see how you will be a lot more successful in attracting back your ex? may be asking yourself? Where do I start? How do I NOT seem needy?

Those are fair questions and I do not mean to make light of your situation.

At the same time...

There is a solution

You can learn:

  • How long you should wait before contacting her at all.
  • What you should do in the meantime.
  • Should you date other women? The answer will really surprise you.
  • How to get over the "needy" feelings you may have. And replace them with much more attractive traits.
  • How to make that first contact...exactly how to do it from a position of strength that will improve your chances many fold.
  • How to get the "first date" after you have broken up. This has worked for THOUSANDS of men.
  • What to do if you have broken all the "don't be needy rules"...all hope is NOT lost.
  • What you absolutely do NOT want to talk about on your "first date" back with your ex. (Don't screw this up!)

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My Very Best,

T.W. Jackson 

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