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 Psst...Want to know a little secret? A secret that "smart women" know about keeping a relationship alive...

Also a little secret to winning back a man after a break up?

I am going to keep this talk with you today short, because I really want you to take this to heart.

Here's the secret:

Smart women know that men like women who like themselves.

Now, that doesn't seem like such a big secret at first...does it?

But think about this...

What do so many women do when trying to win back their husband or boyfriend after a break up?

Do they approach the situation with strength, power and self confidence?

Not usually right?

Women tell the men in almost a pleading manner how much they still love them, how they may not be able to go on without them, endlessly asking "what's wrong with me" in a dozen different ways.

Why does this happen? It's not because the woman is not smart...it is because it is a very emotional time...and it is really tough to "stand back" from the situation.

You know what I mean? You feel miserable...unsure of yourself...and come across to the guy you want back as being needy, clingy and, and, and as a woman who does not like themselves much.

See why this doesn't work so well?


Men like and are attracted to women that like themselves.

Now many times the "unlike" is only temporary...sometimes it is deeper rooted.

In The Magic Of Making Up you get a really solid plan on not only how to act like you like yourself...but also and more importantly how to get back to a place where you REALLY do like yourself again.

One of the big reasons that The Magic Of Making Up is so successful for women is that it allows her to step back from herself and situation...and take a much more positive, powerful and successful approach to winning back their man.

So many women have written to me and shared how much better they felt...just after reading the guide.

That in itself is priceless don't you think?

If this article has rang true for you and feel that you may be coming from a weak position...I want you to know it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

But I would highly recommend that you download The Magic Of Making Up. You will instantly feel better and empower yourself which will ultimately give you the best chances for winning back the heart and mind of your ex.

Not only is it so inexpensive that it is really a "no brainer"...but it is guaranteed as well! Download it, read it, use it, if you are not happy for any reason you get your money back...AND you can keep the download!

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My Very Best,

T.W. Jackson 

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