How To Get Back Your Ex

5 Tips You Can Use Right Now

The following tips are from The Magic Of Making Up


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 Tip #1 : Do NOT contact your ex right away after your break up! Brian gives some excellent advice on how long to wait depending on YOUR situation...and what to do and NOT to do while you wait.

Tip #2 : Do not come across as desperate, needy or depressed. The BEST way to accomplish this is DO NOT BE desperate, needy or depressed. The Magic Of Making Up illustrates many wonderful examples on how to become much more attractive to your ex which are delightfully simple.

Tip #3 Do NOT try to reason with them by professing your love and many other "logical" arguments. This never works. You want to use the natural power of "pulling" and not "pushing".

Tip #4 Invest your time working on yourself...not trying to change them  or  their mind.

Tip #5 Date or not to date? A casual date with someone else is highly recommended for many reasons. It gets you out of the house...many times out of your depressed state and can be a real boost to your ego and confidence.

Now these are only 5 tips from The Magic Of Making Up. I have helped many people just like you. I get praises nearly every day from guys and gals that have told me that not only does it work...but they felt so much better after just READING because they are not as nearly as confused on what to do. Feel like there is hope now. Feel confident that they have an actual plan that they can work with that will give them the best opportunity to win back the hearts of the one they love.

And most importantly...I recommend it because it has worked for me and saved my marriage from breaking up over some very silly issues that were quite easy to remedy. 

My Very Best,

T.W. Jackson 

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