How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


To get your ex girlfriend back you must be willing to put in the significant amount of time and effort that this process will undoubtedly require. Getting your ex girlfriend back will not be an easy process.

Women are driven by their emotions, and if she was the one to end the relationship it was most likely because her emotional needs were not being met in the relationship. To get your ex girlfriend back you must be able to show her that you have changed and will be able to provide her with the emotional support she requires from a man.

The first step to get your ex girlfriend back is to contact her. There may already be other men lining up so be sure to contact her as soon as you think is appropriate. Methods of contact may be via a text message, a phone call or even an e-mail.

Each time you talk to or see your ex girlfriend, it is important to be attentive and listen to what she has to say. This will serve two purposes; the first being to show her that you do respect and acknowledge what she has to say (this is very important in making a female feel wanted and fulfilling her emotional desires),. The second purpose it serves is in enabling you to read between the lines and to pick up any non-verbal cues she may give.

Don’t play games with your ex; give her subtle signals as to your intentions and desire to get back with her. Ensure you do this in a subtle manner, and do not lay all your cards on the table at once, as this will only leave you vulnerable and at risk of being hurt.

Ensure you are attentive; it may even help you to flirt a little. Nothing flatters a woman more than feeling desired.

During your time apart, and even when you enter back into a relationship, it is important to stay in shape. If you previously let yourself go, use this opportunity to get back into shape. Nothing will catch her attention more quickly than seeing you looking better than ever.

Before getting back with your ex, be sure that the changes you make are sustainable and that you will be happy being this different person. If not you will only put yourself and your ex at risk of further heartbreak down the track.



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