How To Get Your Ex Lover Back

The end of a relationship can be a traumatic time, particularly if it is unexpected. For those who are being broken up with, it is often common to want to get back with your ex lover.

The end of your relationship is an indication that something was not going right, and the partner who decided to leave was not having the requirements met. In order to begin a new relationship with your ex lover, you may be required to make changes or sacrifices to ensure it will not end on the same terms.

Think about the changes you may have to make in order to allow a new relationship to function effectively and decide whether they will be sustainable.

If you believe you are capable of sustaining these changes, begin the process of getting back with your ex by contacting them. Contact can take place in any form possible, whether it is a phone call, text message, e-mail or any other form you are comfortable with. Allow the first contact to be simple and reasonably free of heavy emotions. You don’t want to scare them away before you’ve begun trying to get them back.

Slowly begin to build up contact and thus rapport with them.

When you have the opportunity to spend time with your ex, ensure you do so doing something that you used to enjoy participating in as a couple. This will aid in setting the mood and will show your ex what they are missing out on by not being in a relationship with you. It will also remind them of how good the relationship used to be, which will significantly increase the ease of the process of getting back into a relationship with them.

Women should avoid becoming clingy and emotional, as this will only serve to further scare your partner away.

Men should make an effort to listen to and genuinely respect the feelings and emotions of their female counterparts. This will prove to you ex girlfriend or wife that you will be able to fulfill all of her emotional requirements.

During the time you spend with your ex partner, be sure to show them the efforts you have put into changing any factors that may have affected your previous relationship. Your ex will appreciate any efforts you have made to change these factors.

If you feel that any possible changes will not be sustainable, it is probably best to refrain from attempting to get back with your ex, as any new relationship will be doomed to follow the path of the first.



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