How To Win Her Heart Back

As women are driven by their feelings and emotions, most women will leave a relationship if they feel they are not having their emotional requirements met by a man.

To win back your ex you will be required to show her that you can indeed fulfill these emotional requirements by appealing to the very feelings and emotions that drove her away from you.

The first step in winning her back is through contact. Starting off with a phone call and an e-mail, and working it up to more frequent and personal contact. During times of contact it is important to remain attentive and to respect and even value her point of view. Remaining attentive will also allow you to identify any no-verbal cues she may be giving you.

Do not try to play games with your ex. She is one of the few people that know you extremely well and will be able to tell if and when you are playing games. For this reason it is important to subtly let her know your intentions. This does not mean you are to shout your intentions to get back with her, rather, notify her in a subtle and unobvious way.

This will ensure there are no misconceptions as to what is happening between the two of you.

In a sense, you are aiming to be her ‘rock’ thus proving that you are capable of providing her with the emotional support she requires. Do not allow her to view you as just a friend, as once this occurs that is all you will ever be (there will no longer be any chance of reclaiming the relationship). To prevent this from happening ensure you remain slightly detached, and do not overuse emotion as a means of trying to prove that you empathize with her situation.

Finally, the most important way to gain your ex’s attention, is to improve or maintain your fitness. Seeing an improvement in your physical appearance will grab her attention and definitely make her think twice about the end of the relationship. It will also serve to keep her thinking about you.

Winning her heart back will require you to change certain things about yourself in order to allow the relationship work a second time around. If you do not think that these changes are sustainable, it is advisable to refrain from starting the relationship over, as there will only be more heartbreak further down the track.



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