Men & Women Keep Score Differently

 Knowing how the opposite sex keeps score in a relationship is a key secret to not only having a very happy and fulfilling relationship...but also is critical to understand in getting a failed relationship back on track.

Both men and women do keep a subconscious "point system".

-Men typically award more points if an action is BIG, and less points if an action is small.

-Women typically give one point no matter how big or small.

Reread that if you have sounds like no big whoop...but it is huge.

Big problems arise because when we are trying to win points...we are thinking using our own "gender's mindset".

So say a man wants to score "points" with a woman. He thinks like a man and says to himself...I am going to do something REALLY BIG and score a lot of points at one time...

"Yeah...than I will be good to go for a couple weeks...or maybe even a month!"

So...he goes out and does "something big" buying a very expensive piece of jewelery...

Which any woman would be ecstatic to receive...


The problem is he then mistakenly calculates that he really doesn't need to do anything more...for awhile...

Now...MOST women...if given a choice between getting a piece of jewelery OR...getting a love note one unexpected "I just called to say I love you" telephone call the next day...a single rose the next...and many SMALL things often...will go with the "many small things often" over the one HUGE thing 90% of the time.

Does that make sense?

Does it make sense now why some arguments go like this:

Woman: "Why don't you bring me flowers anymore?"

Man: Very...very aggravated..."WHAT?... I just bought you a gold necklace JUST LAST MONTH!"

Ever sound familiar?

You see...all along he's thinking he is good to go for quite some time BECAUSE that is how MEN KEEP SCORE.

(Note: Gentleman if you are thinking "How can I come up with so many ways to earn points with her?" Visit this link right now. Click Here.) 

Now ladies...this works...or doesn't work in the reverse too. Women generally do nice "little" things every day...

And they mistakenly believe they are "racking up" a lot of points.

Pick up his dry cleaning 1 point

Give him a back massage 1 point

Leave him a little love note 1 point

and on and on...

But what happens? A big argument ensues because she feels she has racked up all of these points...and he never shows any appreciation for all of the points she has earned. "his" mind he does appreciate those little things...but he doesn't keep score that way...and is not going to make a big deal out of a few one pointers.

See,  the girl would be much better off...if she would have just bought tickets to a BIG ballgame...she would have scored like 50 points all at ONCE...and SHE would be good to go for weeks! And he would tell all of his friends and thank her profusely as well as NEVER FORGETTING the time she bought tickets to the big playoff game.

Cuz' that's just the way it works with men.

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So how do you use this to win back your ex boyfriend's, ex girlfriends or ex spouses heart?

Pretty simple...

Guys you will be much better off doing a series of small things.

Gals you need to figure out ONE BIG thing.

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Until Next Time,

T.W. Jackson




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