Dating During A Break Up?

Your Gut Instinct Is Probably Wrong...


 I have a little confession, I royally piss off some of my readers when I talk about the dating question when they have just broken up, but want to get back together with their ex.

See, they think that if they are seen dating "someone else" that their ex will NEVER take them back.

NOTHING...could be further from the truth...really! For a lot of reasons.

History and psychology BOTH have proven...

  1. People want what they can't have!
  2. People DESIRE what is scarce.
  3. Men AND women love a challenge.
  4. You don't know what you've got until it is gone.
  5. Women WANT men that other women want.
  6. If you are with someone, you are perceived as more attractive.
  7. You will feel better on a date than sitting around at home waiting for him or her to call.
  8. You will BE more confident.
  9. You MAY even decide you don't want your ex back after all!

Now...aren't those a bunch of really powerful reasons to date?

I bet you can see the logic...can't you?

So...I am not sure why, I make people mad when I say...GET OUT THERE AND DATE!

I know...

They are in love with their ex! And that is okay...really...But I ask them, Do you really want him or her back?

And they always say "Yes"...

So...doesn't it make sense that with all the psychology and history on the side of dating...doesn't it make sense that you are improving your odds tremendously if you go out on some dates?

Doesn't the "Ends" justify the "Means" in this case?

Sure it does!

You want him or her desirable...confident...wanted...and "scarce".

Not sitting at home...desperate...lonely...waiting for their call...OR EVEN WORSE...and a lot of guys and gals do this...worse is to call your ex and tell them how lonely...desperate and how you can't live with out them...

Boy...that will get them running back! NO! What that will do is get them running AWAY!...and FAST...

They won't be able to lace up their Nikes and hit the road fast enough!


If you hate my guts for saying what is true...I really am sorry...we can part company...I won't be mad...promise!

Are you still here?


Look, I know you may have been "out" of the dating game for awhile, and it can be a little scary.

And you do need to be careful.

But, the best way to get back in the to just get out there and do it.

You know...I am sure you are aware there are a TON of great dating sites and places where you can hook up.

And they are making it really easy to find someone you would be compatible with.

You can even set parameters...if you just want to talk...go out for coffee...etc.

One of the best...and newest up and comers is

They were just recently on Dr. Phil and Live! With Regis and Kelly Show!

Perfect Match was even featured in a movie called "Must Love Dogs" starring John Cusak and Diane Lane.

Perfect Match has over 3 million members and is quickly gaining ground as the online dating service.


Unlike other can get a free 7 day trial...and actually let you search for compatible members.

They have a really unique Scientific Approach and use what they call the Duet® Total Compatibility System.

Check out Perfect Matches Ice Breakers and QuickMatch too!

I love and highly recommend Perfect Match, they are safe too. We will chat more about dating next time...

Until then go check out Perfect Match...Just click the pic below:


My Very Best,

T.W. Jackson 

PS At the very least, take up Perfect Match's free 7 day trial. Just browse around and have some fun!


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